Marketing for science

Scientists don’t speak “marketing.” Marketers don’t speak “science.”

We need to bridge the gap to make marketing work for the analytical equipment businesses.

Is marketing working for you?

When your marketers lack a scientific background, marketing can often cost lots of money without producing results in the analytical equipment business.

Marketing can work if we bridge the gap between scientists and marketers. To speak to your audience in the science and technology space, we need to reach out from the scientists’ side to bridge the gap.

Marketing shouldn’t be expensive, and it should work.


The old ways aren’t coming back.

— Marcus Sheridan

Most scientific equipment manufacturers still focus on traditional marketing, making elaborate brochures and sending product-promoting emails.

The way people buy things has changed in the last fifteen years. The buyers’ psychology is the same whether you are in B2C or B2B business.

People follow, trust, and buy from the best teacher in the industry. That’s why we need to shift from traditional to genuinely inbound marketing.

Companies that keep the old practice will be left behind.

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